As a Missouri resident you have many options when it comes to getting a short term loan.  You have the option of getting a payday loan, installment loan, or even an auto title loan if you feel comfortable with using your vehicle as collateral.  These three types of loans are all different, but they give Missouri residents the chance to get emergency cash in less than 24 hours, if you live in Kansas City you can get your cash quicker at many retail locations.  The lenders shown below currently provide direct payday loans and online installment loans in Missouri.  There are always new lenders being added, so check back at least once a week for updates.
Current as of October 2016



LendUp just started providing online payday loans to Missouri residents as of 2015. They offer low interest rates when compared to most traditional direct payday lenders that currently operate in Missouri. They also claim to have loans that get cheaper and more flexible over time with friendly payoff terms. LendUp is currently offering loans to Missouri residents that range from $250 to $800.



MyPaydayLoan is a large national direct lender that’s been offering direct payday loans to Missouri residents for over a decade. They just rolled out a new online application process that promises instant approval notification with no faxing required and they’ll never check your credit history. You will probably be denied for a loan unless you have an active bank checking account. MyPaydayLoan will lend up to $600 for new applicants and up to $1000 if you’re a repeat customer.


Payday Direct

Payday Today is a great source for Missouri payday loans of $800-$1,500. They see great approval rates for Missouri residents and claim you can get approved in just minutes, regardless of the fact that you may have bad credit. In order to qualify for an online payday loan they recommend you be employed for at least 90 days and have an active checking account in your name.


Cash Central

Cash Central has been funding direct payday loans in Missouri for years. Missouri residents can now receive a $500 payday loan if they qualify. Your loan term must be at least 14 days and can be no longer than 31 days. A valid check account is a must and you must show proof of income.



Check Into Cash has hundreds of locations throughout the country as well as a huge online presence. In fact, it’s likely there’s a retail location within an hours drive of you if you live in Missouri – They have quite a few in Kansas City alone. If you choose to apply for a direct payday loan online you can usually get an approval answer within minutes of submitting your application. They’re currently offering same day loans with various payoff options for Missouri residents.


If you find it difficult to get a loan from the direct lenders shown here you many want to checkout CashLoanWebBank. They’re not a direct lender, instead they deal with 100+ large and small direct lenders that currently offer loans in Missouri. Many of their small lenders aren’t well known but are great alternative when compared to lenders that may deny you because of bad credit or delinquent payday loans in your past. LoanSolo can qualify you for an online payday loan or installment loan regardless of credit history or Chexsystem information. Missouri residents can apply for up to $2000 through their network of online lenders.



CashNet is a very large direct payday lenders that claims to have originated over 2 million payday loans and installment loans throughout the country. They offer direct payday loans and direct installment loans for Missouri residents. The maximum online loan amount they offer in Missouri is $2,000. Loan payoffs will range from 6 months to 15 months depending on your loan amount. Use promo code: “NEWCASH” for 25% off your loan fees through November.


National Payday

National Payday claims to be one of the longest running online payday loan lenders around. They’ve been funding Missouri payday loans for years and have moderate interest rates with a quick online application. They never require you to fax anything in and they’ll never check your credit history. National Payday provides online payday loans of $300-$600 for first time Missouri residents.


Bright Sky Payday Loans

Bright Sky provides direct payday loans in Missouri and they claim you can get your loan wired straight to you within hours where available(this option is typically available in Kansas City). They offer up to $1000 for Missouri residents. To pre-qualify for a Missouri payday loan you’ll need to make more than $1250 a month, have an active checking account, and be over 18 years old.


Net Credit

Unlike most of the direct lenders on this page, Net Credit only funds direct installment loans. They fund installment loans for Missouri residents of 5k to $15k and have a completely automated online application process. It may be tough to get an installment loan with them if you have bad credit. You generally need decent or good credit to pre-qualify. One of the benefits of their installment loans is that you can build your credit history with timely payments. They will report your payment history to the credit bureaus which is a good thing if you’re on time with your monthly loan payments.


Check back often, new lenders that fund Missouri payday loans are added all the time!

Credit Information:
Most lenders will generally not perform a credit check with the three large credit reporting bureaus: Equifax, Experian, TransUnion. Be sure to check with your lender and read the fine print before you consent to any type of credit check or verification that may be asked of you. Sometimes a lender may perform a credit check or consumer report through alternative providers such as Chexsystems, Teletrack or DP Bureau. You should not attempt to qualify for a payday loan or installment loan if you have similar types of loans outstanding. Remember, we can not provide you with any information regarding your loan. Please contact your lender directly if you have questions or concerns regarding your payday loan or installment loan.

APR Information:
The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is the rate at which your loan accrues interest. Every state mandates that a lender must show you the loan APR before you enter into a loan agreement. Specific APRs will vary from 33%-800% for payday loans & installment loans. Each state has specific rules and regulations which limit the APR a lender can legally charge you. Be sure to do your due diligence when applying for a loan. Make sure the lender gives you’re the exact terms (including APR) before you enter into a loan agreement.

Financial Information Regarding Late Payments:
All lenders have their own policy when it comes to late payments. This policy may include additional fees and interest. Quite often a late payment will result in a lender reporting to the credit reporting bureaus causing your credit score to fall. Before you sign off on a payday loan or installment loan make sure you have read and fully understand the ramifications of making a late payment. Much like the APR information listed above all states have specific rules and regulations regarding late payments.

Information Regarding Non-Payment & Lender Collection Practices:
If you fail to make your loan payments you may end up being responsible for additional fees, interest, and collection costs. These terms should always be disclosed in your loan contract. Non-payment will usually lower your credit score. Federal law requires lenders and third party collection agencies to use fair practices in their collection actions for any loan that has yet to be repaid. As a debtor in the United States, you’re protected by the Fair Debts Collection Practices Act. This Act specifically limits how a lender or a third party can collect on an unpaid balance. For example you have the right to:
– Not be contacted by phone anytime before 8 am or after 9 pm.
– Not be harassed or have abusive language used towards you over the phone.
– Not be deceived by a collector that’s trying to collect money from you.
– Not be threatened with legal action if it is not permitted.

Renewal Policy:
All lenders in our database have their own renewal policies. Also, each state has specific rules and regulations regarding how long and how often a loan can be renewed. Some lenders may automatically renew your loan or they may require your permission to renew your loan. If you renew a loan the repayment period for that loan will likely result in additional fees, as well as increased interest. If you incur fees or if your interest rises you will see a large increase in the total amount you owe on the loan. Before you sign off on a loan be sure to check with your lender to see if they automatically renew loans or if they require your permission to renew the loan.