Are you a Missouri resident that needs a short term loan? Have you exhausted all your other financial options? Do you fully intend to pay back your payday loan in full on the date it’s due? Have you spent time searching the web trying to get a direct payday loan only to end up with payday loan matching services? If you answered yes to those four questions then you’re probably going to benefit from our website. At Missouri Payday Lenders we list all the large lenders that currently offer direct payday loans to consumers in Missouri. This list of lenders is always changing and we know there are companies funding Missouri payday loans that may not be listed here. If you know of any such companies that promote Missouri payday loans, please give us a call. Also, be sure to do your homework before moving forward with any payday lender. It doesn’t matter if they’re listed in our website or if you found them online with a simple google search. Just because they fund Missouri payday loans doesn’t mean they’re licensed and regulated by the state of Missouri. Some cities in Missouri such as Kansas City and St Louis have their own rules that govern Missouri payday loans. The best rule of thumb is to do your research before moving forward. Don’t waste your time and money chasing the direct payday lenders. Use our database of Missouri payday loans to find an actual direct payday lender in Missouri!

Here’s a quick update to all that’s changed since we started this site a few years back. As of 2016 we’ve seen more regulations come into play that concern payday loans in Missouri These changes affect all types of short term loans and were enacted by the state Government in 2016. Be sure to read up on these policy changes before moving forward with any type of cash advance or payday loan. Another change we’re seeing is the move in Missouri from payday loans to installment loans. These new types of loans are typically offered at a higher loan amount. Whereas in the past a Missouri applicant would have been approved for a few hundred dollars, we’re now talking well over $1,000. These new types of loans have also affected the amount of payments in play for most online loans in Missouri. With a cash advance, you were looking at 2-3 payments max. With the new installment loans, you can expect anywhere from a handful of payments to well over 2 dozen monthly payments. It’s in your best interest to research all options available and think through the process of applying for Missouri payday loans and installment loans.

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